Gates of Hell

By Severn Dwyer, 20 February 2015 10:53

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I wrote this song after reading Dylan Thomas in America, an excellent book, written by John Malcolm Brinnin. It was one of my 'tube' reads when I lived in London. Many a time, when stuck on the Northern Line, I would long to be back travelling around the beautiful Welsh coast. I guess the book took me back there in a sort of way.

I lived in Newtown, Wales, for around one year back at the turn of the millennium. I remember setting off to find the source of the River Severn, at Plynlimon. I was driving an old Ford Orion through a forest when an almighty storm caused the car to break down. It was dark and more than a little eerie (no mobile phone back then), luckily, I managed to get the car started and bolted out of there as fast as the car would go (not that fast). Other times, I would take my mountain bike and ride through the Hafren forest. I once found the most beautiful valley within the forest. There were many small brooks and streams, various types of mushroom and the best thing of all - no people. Incidently, the River Wye and the River Rheidol also have their source at Plynlimon.

The fiddle is played by Ben Gunnery.

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