west end fair, hampstead, cock and hoop

West End Fair

I remember you there at the West End Fair,
Spiced gingerbread crumbs 'round your lips
You could always outshine
In your green dress of pine,
Any mortal by way of eclipse.

With a mind to enthrall you stopped by my stall
And sampled the whiskey and wine
Your christmassy breath
Could undo any death;
Fair Ivy, I'm yours to entwine.

Every long hour I'd wilt like a flower,
Until you passed my way again
With an old rag doll,
And a worn parasol,
Calypso, I'm yours to enchain.

Your charity booth was an island to sooth,
Cool waters from fair Hampstead Wells
Your make-shift spa,
A chalybeate bar,
To refresh flagging dandys and belles.

In that riotous coup, the old Cock and Hoop
Preperations were made for a dance
In this wanton spring,
I would lose everything
That I had for the sake of romance.

That May day evening, you made me the King
Of your heart when you whispered, "I will"
In my shirtsleeves and boots,
To the fiddles and flutes,
We danced to Forever Until.

© Severn Dwyer. And song (recorded) 2008

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