Edmund Burke

When Good Men Do Nothing

When bad men rise and good men fall
We must question what we've become:
The progress of mankind, unravelled and undone
However much we delude ourselves,
Evil will always abide
For that is the fate of humanity:
A mechanism to survive.

Though the devil may appear as a saint
We must endeavour to see and be wise,
With the strength, the will and conviction,
Contain evil so that we may thrive;
For it is evil that exacerbates suffering
And makes for untimely deaths
Through avarice, malice and conflict,
Leaving good men sleeping in stress.

And so, we must fight fire with fire
And not turn the other cheek;
For evil will divert our attention
While gradually making us weak
Bad men will forever seek dominion
And persuade us to let the rot in
And evil will ceaselessly thrive
While good men do nothing.

© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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