sussex sea, brighton pier, storm ravaged

The Sea

Oh thunderous and raging sea, 
What tidings bringest thou me?
Too powerful to be dammed and tamed, 
Too wily to be shackled and chained
For the sake of heaven, 
Let ye never be changed, by man, 
That god pretender
Crush incursions with your majesty, 
Lay low the bringers of depravity
For they must debase everything, 
For they must debase everything.
Oh pitiful and calamitous we, 
The seers whom will not see
Too arrogant to ever be wise, 
Too wicked and vain to be civilised
For the sake of sanity, 
Bring a sea change, this dog, 
This man pretender
We see the future and we fear, 
We see the skeleton of yonder pier, and so
We return to the sand, 
We return to the sand.

© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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