Dad's Army, real meal, frugal

Toasted Cheese Supper

Real hunger from a hard day's toil
The satisfaction in every vein
Efficient, like a well-oiled machine
Endorphins, well-being, fearlessness
We, my friends, can taste life
Seize the day, be young again
We fear not life or death
We are not lingerers or lounge lizards
We are not cowards in unity
Relish every moment and breath
Yay, this is what life is all about:
Milk stout, kidneys and cheese
God give us this day our daily bread
So we can be proper men again:
Warriors, guards and hunters
We embrace freedom and do as we please
Dream, dream of toasted cheese:
Real hunger from frugality
Real hunger from disparity
Real hunger from reality.

© Severn Dwyer. 2016

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