student protester, oxbridge, oxford and cambridge

The Anarchist

She protests for her own demise
Ignoring the truth and cradling lies
She pulls the safety blanket over her
The blanket of academia
Like a suffragette she'll fight
Against the grim establishment
Made up of old pale men with bad breath
And misogynistic sons, and death
Will take them all and then the symphony
Will climax for every downtrodden minority
The old order will be swept away
To be replaced by a new kind of grey
A grey where leeches still thrive
When all along there was black and white
The extremes where man has survived
But she will not turn to history
While there is injustice and misery
And reality induces cruel dissonance
In cognition, deception and innocence
She turns to the alma matriarch
And offers her allegiance and heart
Pale, with bad breath, a misandrist
But she adores the sad old anarchist.

© Severn Dwyer. 2016

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