certain death, fear of death

To The Inevitable

I have no desire to go out tonight
It's Friday, I'll stay in, drink, be alone
My beloved is away, on business
Nothing drives me, not friends or testosterone
I read the conservative press, in the hope
That we will return to a point in time:
A time when the world seemed sane
But that world is gone, and this rhyme
Can not really convey my frustration
Alcohol is my time machine, sad but true
The torpor of mundanity lifts awhile
Oh the joie de vivre at twenty two
Thick hair, white teeth and intoxication
And therein lies the connection
The bottle fastens me to that young man
Time stands still if I avoid my reflection
I don't want to see what others do
And anyway, I'm learning to accept death
An erstwhile friend, constant and veritable
All life long I've ascended to descend
From the light to the dark and the inevitable.

© Severn Dwyer. 2016

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