moonlight sonata, skinny girl, love and hate

Almost a Fantasy

One that I used to love,
I find now that I hate:
Back then in the bloom of youth,
In black to absorb the light,
From a billion wished on stars,
In a never ending night
We danced in a room alone,
Drained the vintage wine
The ceilings were hazy high,
Back then in the mists of time
Crushed were the velvet drapes,
Crimson in the breeze,
From the fields and the forests
Of a thousand ancient trees
We half lived in the mirrors,
Framed in giltwood gold
Back then in the oyster world,
In mascara, bleach and spray,
From a million ocean waves;
Eternal for a day
A sonata of moonlight
From a black piano played,
By a fleeting skinny girl,
In red to attract the bulls
From a hundred lonely fields,
Swooping, starving gulls
One would take the prize,
One would take the bait,
One that I used to love,
I find now that I hate.

© Severn Dwyer. 2009

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