reichenbach falls

Reichenbach Falls

Unbridled now,
And in her eyes pity,
In her smile sadness,
For what I have done.

No scream,
No rage or malice,
Just a stoic calm,
Now the end has begun.

Her hand tightly in mine,
As it always was,
As it always will be,
Unceasing endlessly.

The raging torrent,
Deafening to silence,
Witness to destruction
And love's transcendency.

To tread the air,
Cleansed by mountain spray,
To hang my head
And never look down.

Be not my adversary,
In some forsaken afterworld,
Do not betray me
And fail to drown.

Such grace,
Her eyes fixed on mine,
Even in death
She knows no fear.

I kiss her lips
With eyes wide open;
I will die broken,
For she has shed one tear.

© Severn Dwyer. 2009

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