metal junky, grimm, grimmer

Grimbold Grimmer

Grimbold Grimmer loves gore galore,
He wears battered black,
He likes war decor
He's got a blue tattoo but it's too taboo,
If you want a clue
Then it's a-doodle-do
Now he likes music that's gross morose,
He's a metal junky
On an overdose
He's sickly slick at the knock-it-back,
One pint of ale,
Two seconds flat
He longs for a girl called Crow Sparrow,
He wants to be her beau,
A Romeo-to-go
But she'll never fall for his bleak technique,
It never was unique
To play a geeky freak
And when he's dead he wants flies to charm,
With a natural balm,
On a body farm.

© Severn Dwyer. 2008

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