chasm ledge, brainwashed

The Chasm Ledge

They are all insane!
Carrying their babies and flags in single file
They skirt around the chasm edge
Like ants on a forest path
Wheeling their way around a rotting tree
Their eyes hold the stare of a thousand yards
They are focused on normality
They know not who they are
And they know not the chasm beneath them
Some of them like to overtake
While some dance and some are dragged
Some want to lead and others want to lag
They are beyond help and reproach
They will do only what their elders tell them
These are the people with whom I would belong
I have become divided from them
I sob from a chasm ledge but they do not hear
I am trapped between the dark unknown
And the light above me
I can fall further or try to climb back up
No matter what course I choose,
I will become insane.

© Severn Dwyer. 2008

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