The Conduit

When memories are lost and instinct wanes
And the mind is corrupted by illusion,
Once more that miry portal,
With searching, writhing tentacles:
Tubelike, womblike, tomblike;
Leaving traces of cancer and mother's milk,
Will hunt down the degenerate.

When the sanction of nature is made complete
And the soul is nourished by destiny,
Once more the seeker of the host,
Possession bent, ordained parasite,
Dependant, resplendent;
Retaining vestiges of Heaven and Hell,
Will split open and proliferate.

When the time comes to seek insight and revelation
And fleeting visions fill the open mind,
Once more that timeless conduit,
Intersecting dimensions;
Laying, preying, conveying;
Seeping memories of the long since dead,
Will enlighten and regenerate.

© Severn Dwyer. 2010

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