petty kingdom, horse nation


The quickly fading light leaves a deeper darkness in the eyes of innocence
Life extingished so closely makes stark the senseless destruction man wields,
Conjured up from some archaic place where survival dwelt
I saw the look in the beasts eye - the look as to that of a betrayer
I shuddered with the last sigh for the pain and despair I had felt.

A kingdom so vast and perfect can not be surrendered without recompense
But alas there is no appointed time for any master of correction
Is it not so that there must be squalor and misery for every ivory tower?
I heard some prophets' words - words that were empty from ignorance
The first will feed the third but will not relinquish power.

War will ultimately come whilst petty kingdoms linger in the corners of a forgotten picture
For now the eternal harvest must be reaped within but a few lifetimes
What seer can see past the next seer's tower in a city of towers?
I have seen that lofty place - where the lights outshine the stars
Stars are not needed there nor any wild flowers.

Empires converge and condense to monopolise the fate of the stuporous
For they have no desire to be free of bondage when they know not that they are bound
There will be no one day of reckoning for the account is settled every day
I have seen the ancient ledger - I have read how one being consumes another
Beyond this lifetime I will look, for now I must betray.

© Severn Dwyer. 2008

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