black flag, ministry of terra firma

Black Flag 45

Gallery artefact forty five:
Plain black canvas, seven meters wide,
Two meters high and who cares how thick.
Stare into the gloom, chin stroking,
In a primeval contemplation of what
Darkness really means to you.
On closer inspection, a small black flag,
An even darker footprint like a posthole
In a robbed-out trench,
A distant shadow of what was and
An indicator of lost civilisations,
All in context with the ensemble.
In a plastic bucket underneath the canvas,
One hundred gold and silver stars,
To be attached to the canvas with each
New world (discovered) in the due course of time.
The artist, fresh from house arrest,
Attests that the flag is the symbol of hope
And loosely represents the slate-gray
Standard of the MOTF (Ministry of Terra Firma).
The artist, complete with new cranial scar
Has now been arrested three times for 
Three different incarnations of the black flag:
First, the artist attempted to represent the
Loss of identity within Haven states,
Secondly, the artist used ancient crude oil
To paint the banner and thirdly
The artist portrayed solitary confinement
In reference not only to the artists own incarceration
But for all humans exiled on Havens since
The Earth became too parlous to live on.
Gallery artefact forty six:
Portrait of the artist as a young person.
Artist looks exactly as artist does now (minus said scar),
Yet painted over three-hundred years ago.
Gallery artefact forty seven:
Embryonic artist:
Artist looks exactly as artist does now minus legs.
The artist is completely naked with good head of
Grey hair and sports birthmark of black flag.
Gallery artefact forty eight:
Portrait of the artist's creator - a brazen
Attempt at advertising through art, akin to
Product placement. 
Gallery artefact forty nine:
Portrait of the artist as an old person:
Artist looks much younger and healthier.
Gallery artefact forty five:
Plain black canvas...

© Severn Dwyer. 2012

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