persophone, prometheus, heracles, lethe

Slave Girl with Child

The rills of time run underfoot
Through dark and secret passages
And I have loved you like the stars
Shining on the midnight brook
Where mountains black in silhouette
Grace the setting bloodlet sky
An eagle from the painting fell
And took the world from you and I.

Deep underground the stalactites
In caves scratched out by Persophone
Are formed of salt from fallen tears
Dripping in the pool of Lethe
But anger fires my hollowed soul
And the only salt is that from sweat
Like statues of tormented souls
I cannot cry lest I forget.

The mountain eagle spreads his wings
Safe within the chamber's fire
But Heracles will shoot him down
And then the world forgets a while
The distant pain and suffering
Until the hour comes around
The slave girl with the child dies
And Prometheus is once more bound.

© Severn Dwyer. 2012

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