evidence of burning, ambushed king, forest ambush

Evidence of Burning

All grown over - if these old oaks could talk
A skirmish mentioned by one lame scribe
Who died in the arms of autumn
Leaves must fall for new ones to grow
A simple rule of natures know
Knarled trunks and rotting fragrant bracken
Nettles and forget-me-nots
A reign too bright, too pure to blacken
The echoes of birds and forest breaks
The sound of the murmering brook
It's a pretty site as the sun breaks through
The leafy roof that drips with dew,
The secret mew of fleeting boar
But hark, the horses stir again,
Unsettled, champing, bridled bit
Steady boys, our work's not done,
Dig down and seek the truth,
Clear the seasons shit, find proof
Lo, here is evidence of burning
He was ambushed forty years since
Degraded and hacked like timber
And now there's just scorched earth
You can whittle down to the chicken wood
And never see one drop of blood
You can hear the wind before it hits
In the deeps of the forest
But the traitors shall not hear us.

© Severn Dwyer. Written in Laksevåg, Norway 2013

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