Geoffrey Henry Dwyer

With a Merry Heart

So frail now
The tender heart weakened
The sparkle in the eye has dimmed
Recognition is fleeting
Anger and frustration
Stokes the dying fire within.

Over sentimentality
Over the hill where I cannot see
What see you on the other side, father?
Strange faces loom and moan
Always fear in loneliness.
Always fear in darkness.

Be in peace beloved friend
For the light you have shone
Will guide my way to you
Maybe not now, but in the time to come
When I am tired and weary
From climbling this age-old hill.

And we will meet again
In dreams and in cloudless moments
And in happy places where you have been
Though memories inevitably fade
I will hear your lion-heart beating
As I hear time's pendulum.

It is with a sad and heavy heart
That I watch you sleep
And difficult to hold back tears
But I know that with a merry heart
You will venture into the unknown
As once you did in this world.

© Severn Dwyer. In Memory of Geoffrey Henry Dwyer 1932 - 2013. Written 2014.

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