Blatch, The Reaper, Old Forest

Blatch and Consentia

Breathe in once more and roll the mist back
The forest of youth has been cut down
Where she made love so many times
Breathing out sighs into the damp still.

The leaves turned black that winter
Golden-brown and apple-red turned pitch
And he saw her naked under the birches
He stalked her with mad-rolling eyes.

He saw her roll in the dirt and decay
Her white teeth caught shafts of light
That shone through tree tops heights
Youth and age became fused in time.

Once her weary prey was cast aside
She danced in sweat down wooded ways
Her muscles rippled in pastel gloom
She laughed madly at the power of youth.

Even as darkness fell she worried not
But gasped when a scarecrowed sillouette
Stood like a reaper in the distance:
Quickly the forest closed behind her.

And from that day onwards she was taken
The doomed forest was her deliverance
But I took the roots from the scorched earth
Where once she writhed in bloom.

For I hunted her hunter through ages past
And bore witness to his destructive ways
And when the moment came for me to act
He destroyed me with his kindly words.

On forsaken land sprouted green shoots
Soon a beautiful young forest had grown
I would spurn his words and take her back
But she is old now and fallen like leaves.

© Severn Dwyer. 2014

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