Government propaganda

Divide and Rule

Denizens harken, fight the sedation,
Guard natural instinct from infiltration
Persuasion flows through weakened defences
Below the threshold the battle commences
Stand firm and resist, do not bend or yield
With all of your might, pick up the shield
One last mighty stand for truth and free will
Before the mind's taken, counter the kill
Open to suggestion, unaware of the duel?
One more machination of divide and rule.

Caught in the storm of political power,
Cometh the puppet, cometh the hour
Send in the clowns to action deflection
Send in the migrants to split insurrection
Let them eat cake 'til they're too fat to function
Let them hard-drink and drown in compunction
Route tribal instinct to all kinds of sport
Flood the black markets with all things to snort
The pawn in the game is the new power tool;
One million more victims of divide and rule.

Underclass, working class, middle class etcetera
There's lies, damn lies, statistics and conjecture
There's left, right and centre in a pantomime horse
"To the Knacker's Yard Charlie, the nag's run its course"
They saw no difference between the elbow and arse
May the force be with them or should that be farce?
They say revolution is three meals away
So we turn on, tune in, drop out and play
Big Brother is watching whilst gathering fuel
As the nation is burning in divide and rule.

© Severn Dwyer. 2014

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