The Fuse and the Levée

Inherit from life, derive and control
Override base members, constructors and events
Create virtual object methods
A new polymorphic system, sentient of conditioning.

In the private members chamber, a protected member:
Static, imperturbable, a polyglot and listener;
An insular extrovert with salient properties
Creation uncompromised, a purebred construct.

An ancient stemma with alluvial diagrams
For tracing internal functional activity
A destructor exists only for the class:
The class of zero five are all private members.

An alarm will be sounded by the destructor:
Echoes will reverberate eternally
Histories to be rewritten as memories fade;
The perfect system should leave no trace.

Private fields will be made public
The perfect type will remain anonymous,
And in time, become a natural biopolymer,
Sealed within the lawlessness of the law.

© Severn Dwyer. 2014

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