colour sergeant, pinstripe, city, london, metropolis

Pinstripe Archetype

Pinstripe Archetype
Caged in pin bars
And striped for stinging
Infests the black coal
Heart of a smoke stained
Metropolis living hard
And fast on ye olde glory
Suppin' after long days
Bitchinbout the beautiful
Game gone wrong
Through suited types
Like him when pint
Has gone to pinhead
And rowdy clocks the
Barmaids braids hangin'
Down over luscious fists
Braying over pinstripped
Crowd of sunburnt brows
Furled at colleagues and
Possible immigrants void
Of visa cards over bar
And back arched proud
Stomachs out chins in
Colour sergeant language
With effs and cees sees
Filles fine with vulger
Swine spit and barrowed
Bullyboy spat sticks keys
In gym tomorrow and
Road raged evening in
Singlet before binge and
Hangover car door belting
Out same old diatribe.

© Severn Dwyer. 2012

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