March Hares, Gadfly

Of Gadflies and March Hares

A madness descended from Winter's corpse
Though the White Queen still twitches
Onto those of unclear thought
Muddled by poisoned dew drops
That refresh like ice in the desert
That cold sun of early Spring
Warms the pale and unshed skin
And disturbs forgotten passions.

And how they danced, bingeing on life
Revering imaginary idols
For word spreads fast amongst those
That speak without heed for reflection
The leveret's innocent little eyes
Blink in wonder at the beautiful world
The ground mist rises (a comfort blanket)
The shivering harelet replenished.

The hares bit off their redundant teats
And found a new ecstasy in the pain
In the twilight, in an unclean form
Shaking and anxious for the morning dew
Eyes transfixed in the senseless gloom
On the shadows that dance behind them
Snuggled up to keep safe and warm
To strangers that once were known.

The sun beat down on the orgy plain
Millions of hares came together
Pleasure heightened by the gadfly's sting
Blood and semen splattered the ground
The hosts unaware of the pending pain
The teatless abominations screamed in ecstasy
The cycle of madness was almost complete
That would end in a drawn-out agony.

© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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