civil war

Realm of Ruin

Rue the day, the day of yore
When reason sailed
From yonder shore
All was gone that went before -
Everything that mattered.

The Lion chained, the muzzled maw
A muted whelp, no mighty roar
They drove a thorn into his paw
A nation's dreams a-shattered.

A land in strife, a civil war
No army hence no martial law
A burnt out Quartermaster's store
The storm it had a-battered.

A country shaken to its core
Would take an eon to restore
The traitors now we must ensure
Their blood is aptly splattered.

The ancient flag, it flies no more
Looters broke down every door
And used the pole to twist and gore
The cloths of Heaven tattered.

Each river now a running sore
The heather burned on every moor
A scaffold for the hang and draw
The old King's bones a-scattered.

© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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