Brutalist architecture

Long Barrow Way

Rusting under green meadows
Or deep beneath brutalist slums
Discarded relics of war
Nature naturally overcomes
Once powerful fighting machines
Now devoid of all context:
The gauges, levers and shell
Of the subterranean wrecks
As the moon is obscured by cloud
Night becomes darker for men
It is memory that time must enshroud
So mistakes are made over again
In a no man's land of ghouls
Where angels fear to tread
A new generation of fools
Fall prey to the undying dead.
From whence came the mortar attack
And the diabolical death;
A fading mechanical whir,
The sound of a last human breath?
All is now lost to the winds
That blow over the battlegrounds
All is now lost to the kings
That rest under brutalist mounds.

© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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