dubious halo, angel's wings, martyr

Dubious Halo

And so the Martyr with uplifted heart,
Blinded by the blood and dust,
With crown of thorns and hallowed lust,
Is once more yet deceived
And the Sovereign with the leaden heart
Nourished from the battlefield,
With golden crown and sacred want
Is time again betrayed.

What see you now beyond that hill
Epaulettes and velvet gowns,
Halos to replace the crowns,
A rank for your crusade?
What fabled Heaven's Gate awaits
Your noble footsteps to pass through,
Where there your body's made anew
And fixed with angels' wings.

And you pass with your benevolence,
Believing that your soul to give
Would make a better World to live
But which world will that be?
And you pass with your ignorance,
Pretending at humility,
Preparing for divinity,
What hope is there for you.

© Severn Dwyer. 2008

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