unemployment, job expendable, retired

Only the Gloom to the West

Freedom for the educated and the rich
Down and out in the city, life's a bitch
Every day I go to work
It's the same old stale routine
Whichever way I look
Some sad fuck is scraping off the cream.

Media propaganda, dumbed down, made to fit
They kicked them in the head, in the balls
But they never noticed it
Corporations, gotta keep them wages down
I'm expendable, now cheap labour's come to town.

God I'm gettin' old
There's someone taking my place
God I'm getting' old
Losing ground in this rat race
I tried to make a change but
Democracy is out of date
I thought there was a difference but
It's a single-party state
And politicians ain't worth spit
Spoutin' all of their bullshit.

Government, corrupt and beating on the working man
They sold a nation - and the nation didn't give a damn
I gotta say, I'm looking forward to the day
When a rain will come and wash the scum away.

Mass surveillance is totalitarian creep
Don't matter if you got nothing to hide
You're gonna have to speak
Freedom of speech is slipping away
You can scream out but you'll never get your say.  


Wake up, wake up
There's no protection
Wake up, wake up
To disaffection
Wake up, wake up
There's no protection
Wake up, wake up
To disaffection.
Wake up!


© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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