Willey Village Hall, Jig

The Pain of Growing

Edie was a friend of mine
A friend of mine she was so fine
A fiery little maiden
And she's nobody's fool.

She was born of oxen blood
I always tried but I never could
To bring the lover out of her
She never understood.

I'm a man
I'm a man
I'm a man she said
I'm a man
I'm a man
I'm a man she said.

Edie I love you
I love you, I Love you
Edie I love you
Won't you be my girl?

Then one day it came to be
She sent a petticoat to me
I put away my pride and sighed
And took my only chance.

They all laughed and they all stared
Edie smiled, I never cared
Laughter turned to envy
When she gave me every dance.


She ran off with a flapper girl
Broke my heart and broke my world
I guess they've gone a dancin'
To London town for good.

But for a while we had some fun
And now my dancing days are done
That fiery little maiden
Well, I never understood.

Never look back, well some may say
Twas in the sun we made our hay
Any regrets or sorrows?
Absolutely none.

If every dream was to come true
I never would have met you
Edie, hope you're happy girl
We had a damn good run.


© Severn Dwyer. 1992. Updated 2016

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