pancras wash, river fleet, duel, st pancras

Chalk Farm Tavern

You ask me to be your brother
You ask me for respect
You ask me for so many things
That you aint gonna get.

You sold me down the river
And left me there for dead
You should have pulled the trigger
When the gun was at my head.

You're the one who taught me everything I know
Now I'm the one that's gotta put you down below

There is a shooting field
Not far from Primrose Hill
Near an old white tavern
Where gentlemen go to kill.

Take your gang of cut-throats
And choose your pistol well
Be sure to keep a surgeon close
To buy some time from Hell.


I'll feast in that old tavern
And get my fill of ale
I'll ride out to the New World
When you're far beyond the pale.

And if by chance you slay me
When the dusk it turns to dawn
It's one less demon for this world
That never should have been born.


© Severn Dwyer. 2008

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