snake oil man, oil man, treason

Every Dog

Look down, look down
To the underground
Where your soul will be redeemed
Mary wept on the blood stained
Killing floor before she screamed:

Every dog has it's day
Soon your day will come
Empire's crumble and fade away
And tyrants float dead with the scum.

Hear the sound, hear the sound
Of distant guns
For tonight the horsemen ride
Lazarus whispered into the ear
Of the rich man before he died:

You take after your father boy
He never came to no good
Your shoulders so narrow
Your hands so soft
And stained with the colour of blood.

Can you see, can you see
'Round the Hanging Tree
Politicians gathered like blackbirds
They lectured the man about to hang
For the treason in these last words:

You don't know what you're talking about
You just keep blabberin' on
You bury your head in the shit and the sand
And you only come out with the sun.

© Severn Dwyer. 2011

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