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The Slaying of Robert Montgomery

Two dogs were fighting
In old Hyde Park
Newfoundland dogs
So strong of heart
Colonel Montgomery
Leapt from his horse
He said, "Is this your dog,
Tell me is it yours?
I'll knock down the dog with a mighty force."

Captain Macnamara
Rode up to the fray
He called his dog to heel
In a laid-back way
He turned to the Colonel
Like a cat to a shrew
"If you knock my dog down,
You'd better knock me down too,
Your arrogance astounds me sir, 
Now tell me who the hell are you?"

Mount up boys there's gonna be some noise
The Captain and the Colonel are off to Primrose Hill
There can be only one sombre outcome
Pistols will be drawn and the gentlemen will shoot to kill.

In the heat of the moment
Words were exchanged
On the Piccadilly road
A duel was arranged
A chaise and a Hackney-coach
Sped from the city
On April the sixth
Eighteen hundred and three
Towards Chalk Farm
Past the fields and the trees.


In the still of the countryside
A shot echoed out
Montgomery hit the ground
Birds flew all about
Captain Macnamara's
Arm fell to his side
He was subsequently charged
He was subsequently tried
He was found not guilty
Though Colonel Robert Montgomery died.

© Severn Dwyer. 2011

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