kith and kin, propaganda, fascism

Kith & Kin

When the guns fall silent
Will we return
Return to the good times
Now we've been burned?

And we wear the scars
They burn deep down
The only way to soothe them
Would be to drown.

It's an eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
It's a bullet for a bullet
If you wanna know the truth
I was a peaceful man
But they took everything
My love and my land
My kith and my kin.

We'll swim like killer whales
Against the tide
They'll never take us
Take us alive.

We live in shadows
LiKe in old folk tales
They'll never hunt us down
The bloody trails.


We love our freedom
And we love the land
This machine kills fascists
Here in me hands.

And they can pick us off
Like fruit from a tree
But for every one that's taken
There'll come back three.

They can use propaganda
To get inside your head
But if you let them break your will
Then you're already dead.


© Severn Dwyer. 2010

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