Good to be Alive, duet

Good to be Alive

Well it's good to be alive
When I'm in your arms
My whole life means something
When I'm with you.

I've been waiting for a sign
To get us out of here
I can see a rainbow
And it ends in gold.

But now you're mind is wanderin'
What we got here, it aint so bad
We got friends and family
And the best years we ever had
Oh poor you.

You know I should settle down
We've grown too old
The years they passed us by
At the speed of life.

I need to prove myself
I'm in a dead end hole
I see the stars they shine so bright
But disappear.

Don't be fooled into thinking
That a rich man smiles more than you
The grass is always greener
Don't bite off what you can't chew
Oh poor you.

If it means that much to you
I'll be with you right 'til the end
When you need my shoulder
To lean on I'll still be your friend
Oh My love.

© Severn Dwyer. 2007

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