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Turn Another Page (Dog Eat Dog)

So long, farewell
My northern town
I must find work
So I'm heading down
To the City.

Not so long ago
In history
This town was prosperous
From the industry.

I'm just trying to find security
To earn a decent wage
In this dog-eat-dog uncertainty
My world feels like a cage
I'm just trying to keep my dignity
But despair just turns to rage
Lord help me keep my sanity
And turn another page.

The work dried up
Or moved over the sea
Where they can pay a man
Much less than me.

I read the newspaper again
Listen to the sound
Of the train as it speeds
Through the pouring rain.
Through the pouring rain.


Same old story
Same old line
Waste my money
Waste my time.

A promising day
That's a lie
But I don't want to
Make her cry.

We had great expectations.
We had great expectations.


© Severn Dwyer. 2012

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