American Revolution

Leaving Lafayette

Down in the valley a mist is rising
The sky is twilight blue and grey
In the distance camp fires burning
It's been a long hot summer's day.

So many lost in the cruel winter
Bloodied footprints on the ground
They smoked the same clay tobacco pipe
It would only ever make one round.

I found religion in my rifle
Heaven in my black powder store
One nation's battle for survival
This is revolution, this is war.

How dare they criticize from their fire sides
Far removed from a cold bleak hill
With no feeling for the suffering
The wind blows cold the wind blows shrill.

Battle worn and battle weary
Rejuvenated in the spring
From the Brandywine to the Valley Forge
One gill of rum and the muskets sing.


The fog lifted like an angel of death
The carnage laid bare and yet
The sacrifice would never be in vain
Now they must leave brave Lafayette.


© Severn Dwyer. 2015

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